Manifesting Wealth  in Economic Bad Times Through Spiritual Wealth Creation :

Dear Fellow Wealth Creators,

Wealth creation not only requires professional skills , but also the wisdom to understand the ways of universe. You need to learn and live by certain laws that govern human destiny.

The physical universe is governed by physical laws such as gravity, while the mental and spiritual universe are governed by spiritual laws .If you do not know these laws you exeprience road blocks on your lifes path of progress .

One of the laws is the law of right perception--a is your perscetion of the Universe , so is your reality. If your perception of the universe is mechanistic,lifeless, so will be the universe to you.. If on the other hand, if your perception is that the universe is a living entity and is sentient beings, you enter a world of possibilities , immense possibilties

You are actually living in a responding universe. The universe is nothing but a consciousness. Yoou are consciousness . The other is consciousness.All that is , is consciousness. Consciousness is sentient. Whata is this consciousness saying? It says, I manifest your  perception."It says, " I am that". "that" refers to your peerception"I" refer to consciousness. Consciousness is like the ocean. Perceptions are like the waves that arise and subside on this ocean.

If your perception saysthere can not be financial abundance owing to the financial crisis, the sentient universe will say, "So be it" and you exeprience  scarcity.. If you adopt a negative perception that times are bad, world is dangerous  and  unsafe   for me , you are going to be tense and unhappy, which would in turn manifest a problematic situation in life .

If your perception on the other hand , is that there is abundance everywhere , the universe will throw open her treasures, no matter what the external circumstances are . Remember , great leaders hold great perceptions and create extraordinary realities.

Let me tell you a story of to help you understand the power of perception:

A blind man  earned his living  by selling bergers on the streets. As chance would have had it, his business went well and provided him enough money to set up shop. Over a period of time his business boomed and he set up chain of shops  and employed a few people as well.

As fortune was shining on him, his son came back, having completed his university education, he said "Father, don't you know what's happening in the world today ?There is an economic recession"

the father asked. "Son, what does economic recession mean? " The son explained how people were loosing jobs and business were failing . Following his son's suggestion to cut down on expenses,, the old man issued orders that the quality  be brought down to save money.

With the decline in quality, sales declined, too. and old man thought it better to close down the a few of the shops . The lesser the inflow of the cash, the greater wisdom  he found in his son's suggestion and brought down the quality further. More disgruntled  customers and more shops are closed.

At last the old man was left with a meager business . The old man very proudly told his neighbour, "My son was right. the world is indeed is going through a recession."

The poor belived his son.

Well, this story is not sugessting you to ignor what is happening around the world, but to have the wisdom to see that based upon your perception arise your emotions,  based upon your perceptions arise your decisions, and based upon your perceptions arise your actions. Based upon your perceptions arise your destiny.

Time for a little reflection :-

1) What are your perceptions on life ? What is life for you ?

* A routine?

* A roller coaster?

* A blessing ?

2) What are your perceptions on Wealth ? What do you feel about money ?

* Difficult to earn ?

* Evil ?

* Power ?

* Not for me ?

* Waiting for me ?

Extend this exercise to very are of your life , such as work,

relationship, health .

In the process of creating a right perception towards wealth, we should also understand the differance between money making and wealth creation. Making money is an unenlightened pursuit. You could gamble and make money., or go racing  and make money. While wealth creation , on the other hand , is a spiritual activity .

Wealth, ultimately, is the ability to add value to things and people !!.

Let us say you set up academy to train younfg minds in order to create productive citizens , you are creating wealth for the nation. You create an industry, you are helping many people, and also strengthening the social fabric into being richer . Wealth always has tendancy to percolate

When you indulge in wealth creation with intelligence and integrity, money is an autiomatic byproduct.

Time for reflections:-

1) What are your ideas for wealth creations ?

2) Are there any ideas that  arose in your mind for wealth creation which you ignored in the past ?

Write them down and meditate on bringing them into action.

Do this excercise everyday this week. Try to hold great perceptions with tenacity and you'll see tiny shift occuring in your life .

I am really greatful to my  Almighty God-Purushottam Shri Amma Bhagwan --Founder of Oneness Univeristy-Andhra Pradesh-India- , who thaught me and everybody these thoughts for manifesting wealth into our life. Now, I am revealing the same thoughts to all of you !

All the best

Thanks .

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