Why I am having Financial Problems ?

There can be Two reasons, and you must identify to which category you belong.

1)      One category contains those who are having RELATIONSHIP problems. You could be well focused on your business  and putting best efforts into it. You could be trying everything possible within your reach, but the financial issue is not being resolved because of relationship problems

There can be so much hurt and so many negative emotions in a relationship that is manifesting as some form of financial or other external crisis.

If you fall in this category, then you can ask for  Almighty God Purushottam Shri Amma Bhagwan –Founder of Oneness University—to help you accept your relationship, to help you go through the pain of it and come out with love and joy. Once you are filled with love and joy, your external world will naturally become prosperous.

As per  a) Nature’s Law of Acceptance , accept in your own mind , your own mistakes first, instead of pointing out to other’s mistakes. This will ease the anger , jealousy, hatred in relationship between husband and wife and in family or in business, in society.

As per b) Nature’s Law of Forgiveness, forgive those who have hurt you  in any way. Bear those pains. Forgiveness does not mean you are accepting others mistakes or you are bowing down to his feet . But by forgiving others you are transforming yourself into better relationship with that human being and others

As per c) Nature’s Law of Gratitude , show gratitude to those who have helped you in any way, even for  small reasons. Also, always show gratitude to your mother and father  first , then to your elderly people in the family and brothers and sisters, husband and wife. This improves the relationship in easy ways .Show gratitude to your ancestors, too !

Because, i) Gratitude creates positive feelings

ii) Gratitude creates positive images

iii) Gratitude creates positive thoughts

As per d) Nature’s Law of Giving, give at least 5 to 10 % of your income as donations for the needy persons and / or for the Noble cause of Humanity! They only will have higher Consciousness ! This ability or quality of giving is like having “MUKTI” status i.e  state of “Free from Karmas” !!

These Four Qualities improves Relationship in family, in business, in society and therefore, most of the financial problems are resolved .

2)      The second category of people are those who do not respect the external world, holding that the material , or pursuit of the material , is something inferior, and that it should be abandoned and not pursued . You may believe that it is anti-spiritual, that this is something that takes you away from enlightenment or that this not Oneness .

If you are a victim of  these illusionary concepts , you are not going to draw wealth into your life . Because, deep within you, you dis-respect wealth , you dis-respect prosperity, and you dis-respect abundance. Somewhere deep within you , you value and adore poverty as a symbol of spirituality or spiritual evaluation. If this is the case, again, you are not going to draw wealth into your life .

You must become aware of these limited ideas. May be because of some religious conditioning, or whatever, you believe that the internal and external world can never exist together, that you can have only one of them. For some reason you believe that you can have either an internal state or external prosperity. But this is not the case. No.

Purushottam Shri Amma and Bhagwan are Twin Avatars, and they want to unite both these aspects in human life . They want to bring about internal awakening as well as external prosperity. So if you can become aware of the limiting concept that are within you, and if you pray that these concepts give way for external prosperity and abundance to come into your life , you will have it !!


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